Chosen, An Exaltation

Many are called and few are chosen, right? God can chose whomever He wants to be a part of His kingdom. Why does He choose some and not others? That's like asking why God chose those particular people to be Jews and not some group of people, say in ancient native american culture or the aztecs or innuits, whatever (assuming that those people even existed at that time, which we're pretty sure that they did archeologically & anthropologically speaking). In any case, who are we to ask why? "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" God might say (but He's much cooler than jack nickelson). Whatever He says is right and I will not be judging God. Um, hell no.

So... few are chosen. That is the sad truth. God gave us the ability to reproduce our kind and we have nearly overpopulated ourselves off the map and it ain't stopping yet. With more people come more possibilities for being chosen, but God does the choosing. However, if He chooses us and we refuse Him He doesn't stop pursuing us and He doesn't stop forgiving us (that is, unless we reject and blaspheme His Holy Spirit, then there is no hope of reconciliation). But what a privelage to have the God of all creation pursue us! What an amazing honor to be chosen!That you and I should enter the gates of Heaven! Chosen by God! While we were yet sinners, dead in spirit and full of selfishness! God saw our potential and He chose us and is transforming us. We had nothing to do with being chosen. All glory and honor to the King of Kings!

As children of God we can petition Him. We can beg and plead on behalf of others we love. And He does change His mind sometimes! Those people that perhaps He hadn't called, if prayed for by His children with a sincere heart may be called. Then if God chooses, they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We will know that God has chosen them if they repent and believe in Jesus! But only He knows the hearts of men, and though we love a person God knows whether or not He wants to choose them based on His omniscience. But He is a mericiful God and He listens to us because we're His kids. But only if we listen to Him first...

I am baffled and shaken at the responsibility of being chosen. I am collapsed with worship and soaring with joy at my having been chosen. How can I take this gift for granted when so many do not recieve it? I have and now I repent! Right now. His wisdom fills my mind like a perfectly timed trickle of water into an empty bucket. Every day my thirst is quenched and I overflow...just by one drop of His grace. I am more deeply in love with my Father every day. All honor and glory goes to Him, the Almighty God! Amen.


Is It Wrong...?

I believe that spiritual 'issues' are of the utmost importance generally, immediately, and specifically. The spirit in man is the eternal and the eternal is what I long for. In longing for the eternal I am longing for God. In longing for God I long for His Son Jesus, my salvation and the only reason I am able to have a relationship with God. My longing for the eternal is so strong in me that I make the spiritual my first priority. Later I found biblical reassurance that I am to seek first the Kingdom of God (God is Spirit-John 4:24) and His righteousness(Matt. 6:33). With righteousness we move into the realm of motive and behavior. The foundation on which motive and behavior are built is the spirit. Now that my spirit is one with the Holy Spirit I am change from within. My motives are then changed and eventually my behaviors. This is what is meant by 'transformed by the renewing of your mind' (Romans 12:2). I have come to discover that this change takes time, perhaps a lifetime.

There are many atrocities in this world, some of which I have endured personally. Why would God create and allow such horrors? It was an incredible paradigm shift for me when I gained the revelation, the answer. If my mind hadn't been being transformed by the Holy Spirit working within me, I would not have been able to comprehend it. Had it not been for grace, I especially would not be able to accept it. Here is my response to anyone who asks me, specifically if a particular situation (whether it be hypothetical or based on real events) is wrong or right:

Adam and Eve ate from the tree, we have all heard the story. But do you recall the name of the forbidden tree? It was 'the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' God said, 'if you eat of this tree you will surely die.' Did He say He would kill them? No. He said they would die. Why would they die? Aren't we suppose to know the difference between good and evil? How else would we make moral decisions? But God told them if they ate of it they would die.

Then I looked at myself, mere (wo)man, fearfully and wonderfully made though I am and I compared myself to God. Of the two, who do you think knows right from wrong better? Man, who is limited in his abilities to see anything but this moment; who is not omnicient, omnipotent, or creator of the universe? Or God who is all those things and invented right and wrong? I decided that I didn't know better than God. And I must decide that every moment. When I am lured by the lies that hang from a tree of delusion, I sin. Sinning is anything done outside of faith.(Romans 14:23) Adam and Eve were completely dependent on God, choosing His love at every moment, before they believed the lie (the lie that they might be like God) and disobeyed God. As the story goes, they were kept from eating of the tree of Life because the professed to know good from evil. The truth is mankind decided what was good and evil, but only God knows what is truly good or evil in any situation.

I love my enemies and pray for them because I was commanded to. I will stop atrocities from happening whenever I can, I am commanded to and inspired to. But I allow God to judge because only He knows the heart of a man and He created justice. I can say that the things you wrote of (in commenting to my post about Jesus) are disgusting acts of cruelty. As a human I would want to watch people like the youth pastor for example be beaten to within an inch of his life (is it wrong to want that? perhaps.)But in faith I only mourn and pray. As for abortion, I believe a human is alive from conception. It is not the baby's fault that the girl was raped, it is the rapist's fault. If that little girl had faith enough she could move mountains and she could also take care of a child, or give it up for adoption. Do I judeg her when she aborts the baby? No, I love her. I, too am a sinner (though I have never had an abortion, thank God). Who am I to judge anyone outside of faith? All people are made in God's image (Gen 1:26) and I am told to love anyone on my path, even a rapist (although loving him may mean keeping him from raping me by any means possible, sending him to prison [where he may get a taste of his own medicine] and/or ultimately praying for him and sharing these truths with him possibly leading him to Jesus).

Some people will not understand what I have written. They may only find they had their own answers to these questions set in stone and they don't wish to exchange their answers for mine. I have read in Matthew 13 about the disciples: Verse 11..."The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance...16 blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear..."