Land Between Worlds

Yesterday I listened to an old acquiantance of mine, Shane preach to his youth group about his testimony. He really pushed it as far as what would make them uncomfortable. I could just see the teens and parents squirming in their seats and laughing while their eyes dropped down to their hands, thoughtfully. One of the things he talked about was the place in The Magician's Nephew that was a land between the worlds. There were all these different pools that led to all these different worlds but no one would ever think to STAY in the land between worlds. Shane compared that land to the local Big Bear radio station that plays mediocre crap with a good song every few hours or so. In my mind I compared it to big Bear itself. I am down in Orange County now and I am not saying that I particularly like this better but at least I've chosen something. Big Bear has always only been an in-between land for me.


I Start Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 9am I will be shaking hands with new coworkers in a law office in Orange. They will be training me to be a receptionist and the first person their clients see when they walk into the office. I'm a working woman now!

I don't want to lose my head with excitement because a job is a job and it will be work. I am just happy that I am turning the new leaf over with this job. Good-bye food service, hello sophistication and accuracy. Maybe this will help me grow up a little.

I have gone fishing three times now, but I need to go a hundred more times. Fishing takes skill and patience and dedication. It's so rewarding when the fish gets hooked and you reel it to the surface. You never know what you got until you pull it up. Plus, I love seeing people light up when they think they've got a bite.

This is the beginning of enjoying my life. I really think that God has finally gotten it through to me what life is about and I don't have to be a martyr, Jesus did it for me. I just have to be myself and do right by people.


Receptionist Dreams

My greatest passion right now is getting a job where I can help out a company with my receptionist talents. I actually curious to see how good of a receptionist I will be. I have sent out a few resumes and will continue to send them out. This is the mellow mission of my new life. Security, simplicity, and serenity are the new themes. I find those things in my God and my new found patience with things.

"There's no need to worry cuz I ain't in no hurry... I wanna hear some funky dixieland..."
"Slow down everyone, you're moving too fast. Frames can't catch you when you're moving like that."
"Said woman take it slow, it will work itself out fine. All we need is just a little patience."

I saw Jack Johnson live in concert last night with me Ma. He is such a solid performer. Even when he messes up his lyrics he is classy and laid back about it. Such a personable guy. The Verizon ampitheatre was sold out. Nothing but OC blondes in tank tops as far as the eye could see. :) Matt Costa and ALO opened for him. It was an excellent time.

I am thanking God for the way He takes care of me. He has healed me and continues to build my spirit, mind, and body. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.