"It's what I do."

Last night I saw Kelly Joe Phelps in concert. Listening to him play, you can't tell where the music becomes music and the person becomes a person, the two are pretty much one thing. He's obviously been touring for years doing the independent music scene because I was given one of his cds over three years ago from a customer at a coffee shop.

He's comfortable like Dylan or a well-worn pair of boots, it's almost trancing to get absorbed into the song. Nobody moves except maybe to tap their foot along with his. We all lost ourselve in the blend of vocals, guitar, and lyrics.

After the last song we applauded him out for an encore. He said, "Thank you." Someone shouted out the reply, "No, thank you!" He simply said, "It's what I do," and launched into another song with pictures and soft exclamations.

It's what the man does. Some people would see him as a little more important just because he's a musician, poet, and guitar player. He doesn't appear to see himself that way. I believe I have been held back from music because I feel this huge sense of importance behind it. The calling of the Lord for me is music and what a calling! But really, it's like any other calling except in this day and age the world tempts musicians with idolship. I want to have the Kelly Joe Phelps attitude and say simply, "It's what I do." But I would add, "by and for the Lord."

But I can't say that unless I believe it. The Lord has taught me how to have priorities and depend on Him to provide the means by which to be good at what I do. He is faithful, I don't need to tell you that. He has provided the grace by which I can be confident. If I am faithful by trusting in Him and following His lead He may grant me more gifts to be faithful with and give me the Holy Spirit for my music. Perhaps if I ever go on tour and someone says, "Thank you!" I can say, "Thank God. It's what He does." He's in the business of healing broken people and placing His significance on them. I'm so glad He doesn't empower me to do anything with my music until He knows it's time. Until then I am faithful with what significance He has given me.

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Desert Darlyn said...

Here's what else you do. Inspire, uplift and raise issues. I'm sure it's not just in my life either. Everyone who reads your blog cannot help but be affected by your writing which is by the Lord's grace. I am redefining myself from what my job is to......a child of God. I am worthy of great things because He loves me and believes in me. How can I not do the same! Auntee