The Silly Cyst

Doctor Gyno called this morning. She said the cyst can just chill out in my bod because there are no solid parts to it, it's straight liquid and therefore benign (typically). It's not very big and it's not on my ovary (its somewhere in my poop-shoot/bowel area) so it won't effect pregnancy (if that's in God's plan). I should get periodical check ups every six months on it to see if it's growing solid parts or if there is any pain. But surgery is not required. I just have a $150 appointment in a couple weeks with the General Surgeon M.D. for my first official 'check up'. It beats $2,000+ surgery and fun with a scalpel. Thank you GOD for hearing our prayers.

Don't forget to read the short story I posted below. I'm really excited about writing little bits of fiction. If you haven't read the other one, HERE it is (another adaptation of a parable). They aren't pro, nor are they fully revised and edited to perfection. They are just little jewels in my heavenly treasure pile, so to speak.


TheDissonantOne said...

~sighs in relief~ Glad to hear the news about the cyst, darling daughter. Keep writing! Perhaps next allegorious story might be inspired by the parable of "the talents" ~winks...kisses all over your face~ Loving you, Momma

ben said...

Hey! thanks for the input on the relevant boards.

I noticed you are from Eugene.

I'm moving to a tiny town called Elmira in about 6 weeks to be youth pastor at Elmira Church of Christ.

Elmira is like 10 mins from Eugene.

Whats it like out there? I've been out for a visit with my fiance (the church flew us out) but didn't see much of Eugene. We went to a Thai place, Lava Lounge or something like that. And then we went to Florence, and went up to Sweet Creek. Which I learned is pronounced Crick.

Anyway. Let me know what the area is like!

ben kraker aka praxis

Kelli B said...

Yay! That is good news...I'm so thankful!

Desert Darlyn said...

Praise God for answered prayer He is so good, isn't He? The Lord knew already, we just had to believe. My friend Marlene and I have been praying at the same time every day. I added you (and Joseph) to my prayer request. The Lord wants us to pray so that we can come into that place where we can be in the flow with His will for us.

I loved your short story about the beam in the eye. I actually like all of what you write, as you are fearless in your honesty. Keep it coming! Love you honey! Auntee