Vine Abiding

We live in a world where mankind's lusts have created nuclear weapons. Lust for knowledge and lust for power. This is when the prince of this world is ruling. But he is defeated because God so loved this world. What a precious possession we are, to be bought at such a price. We are bought with the pure, sinless blood of love. Love embraced death as payment for us when He could have lived seventy more years without us knowing about His true identity and then died and went home to be with the Father. But He didn't, because He loves us. Silly little mortals that we are but we are the Bride of the Christ. He is our King and we are His adoring creation, loyal only to Him. In this world we are tested for many reasons. One of the reasons, I believe, is to define the depth of our loyalty. He knows how much we will endure for Him but we need to know too. We see how He has changed us when we realize that we aren't afraid of the furnace that burns so hot that it kills the guards that stoke it.

My issue is that I think I have to accomplish some great and noble mission here in this world. But the truth is: He is the only mission I am on. Jesus Christ, the Vine in which I abide. Every day my love for Him is more realized. He's all I want to think about and all that I aspire to be like. Riches I heed not nor man's empty praise! Thou mine inheritance now and always! Thou and thou only first in my heart! High King of Heaven my treasure Thou art!

However, words cannot really express the peace that comes with abiding. Things aren't exactly smooth in my worldly life, but for once it's not that big of a deal. I've learned a little more about abiding in His love. Someday I'll write a song about it.

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