What Up Ya'll!

I've been here in Louisiana for almost a week and tomorrow I fly home. Booo!!! I mean, I want to see my family but I don't want to leave my family, ya know? We had a crawfish boil yesterday and today I am going to the studio to record some songs with the Bean. Emma Bean. I can't upload the pictures onto her computer but stay tuned for lots of neat ones when I get back home.

What a great time it's been. The people here in the South are really great. So laid back and warm and they sure do know how to have a good time! Add Emily, her mom and I to the mix and you have an all out rager with flying lemon merange pie and WAY too many Britney Spears moves in the dust.

You know what's cool? Sharing Jesus while I'm buzzed. There are a lot of 'prodigal's here that need to come HOME. I also explained Jesus to my 8-year-old friend Erica. I don't see it as a hypocrisy but I know some people that do. God knows I have self-control even under heavy alcoholic influence. I didn't sin, I just got way buzzed.

Anyway pray for me and my new Louisiana fam. I wish I could live in too places at once...

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Desert Darlyn said...

Hi there, Nanners!

I wanted to wish you and Joseph a Blessed Easter. I pray for the Lord to give you peace, joy and renewal at this most sacred time.