Bites Bite

I probably have fifty bug bites. They are inflamed on all major points of my body: face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, stomach, back, calves, ankles, and feet. That's what I get for staying out in the pool after dark. I was swimming with my roomies Friday night and we were dancing to techno music with a glow stick (but there were no drugs being used, silly). It was hilarious, but it hasn't been fun for me ever since. I'm on the dreaded day two of mosquito hell all over my body. I feel like I have leprosy. But I'm really glad that all the mosquitos around here are getting fat off of my precious blood. They bite everyone else too but they leave me with the welts. I guess after I'm here for a year or so I will have finally become aclimated to their nasty saliva and I won't itch so much when they bite me. But right now, not scratching my bites is all I can think about. I couldn't even sleep in today because of them.

So I'm off to the store to buy something to ease my discomfort. Until it's eased I'm afraid I'm of little use to anyone... :)


I Love You, You Love Me...

Today I start my job at the Daycare/Preschool with the toddlers. I need to finish out this week at the hotel front desk, too so it will be hectic for me. It's kind of good because I ALMOST got bored. Just kidding, but there is a lull when Emily studies and the boys are doing some project around the property. They are putting up an above-ground pool this time. It's been hot and humid so it's a good idea to have a pool.

I sang with a heavy rock band on Saturday night! I just sang one song with them after no rehearsals or nothin'. It was "Time" by Pink Floyd. It was two steps lower than on the album. I don't know what it sounded like because I didn't have a monitor. So I just wailed it an octive higher to try to get above the drums and smiled like a fool. The bass player wants to play more with me so all I need is a drummer and a guitarist. It would be so great to sing rock and roll, WOOOO!!! It would be great to sing anything live...well not anything. I'm sure I'll learn plenty of kids songs at my new work...

Thems the happenins. Stay tuned for semi-weekly updates and random unpredictable morsels of deep spiritual truth. I'm loving my peeps.



Oil Lamp

My goal is to learn how to balance light with flesh since I have to live in this body for however long God would have me here. I'm not going to be reckless. A lantern has glass around it because if the glass is removed then the slightest breeze may blow it out or things can catch on fire. The idea is to keep the glass on and to keep it clean and to keep the bugs from flying in and leaving burnt residue. Also we must allow oxygen to fuel it from the outside as well as oil from the inside. The glass is my soul and flesh, the bugs are demonic influences and/or distracting compromises, the oxygen is the fellowship of love for all humans believing and unbelieving, the oil is the Holy Spirit, the fire is my love for God ignited and kept lit by His unconditional love for me, and the light is my purpose and responsibility. The entire lamp is the story of my life and it goes where my life goes and shines on those people and places that I venture out to. The great thing is that as long as I keep oil and fire constantly on my mind and heart, the light will get brighter and show where the glass is dirty. If the fire is under a stifling cover of safety the dark specks can never be found. What is this life anyway? I am on a mission to learn the song, "Dust in the Wind" because it will help me remember that though this journey is to be respected and not taken for granted, it is also NOT the end-all-be-all of existence. I may mess up and get sick or crash in a moment of carelesness, but my faith is in God and His sovereign power to keep my foot from stumbling until it's time for me to stumble. With my mind and heart on Jesus Christ I won't sink into the waves. Even if my ankles get wet He still holds me up and will not let me drown.


Watch Boondock Saints

I'm working at Best Western as a front desk person. It's a little boring but at least I get to hang out with my boss's 18-month-old son and play ball most of the time. I am hoping to get a second job working with a lady who restores upholstery. It would be great to learn a skill that I can take anywhere. Customer service can be so tiresome, your whole day depends on the people walking in. At least when you work mostly with objects it's predictable and you can get better and better. We'll see. I've never done stuff like that.

Living with the roomies is so much fun. Everyone is studying so hard for their classes. The boys study automechanics and the girls study nursing. On a study night we have six people in the house. They study and I either play video games or read. One of our roommates brought another dog into the house and that makes four total. Now we have a dog for every person that lives here. They keep eachother in check so it's not too crazy.

Last night I saw one of the best movies EVER. It's called, "Boondock Saints" and if you haven't seen it, you really should. The bullets fly and the language is eff this and eff that, but it's really a classic movie. A lot of guys I know have been telling me to see it for years and I finally watched it last night. I don't want to spoil anything for ya'll but I have to say that the movie makes you think. It's really a movie about the sovereignty of God in the execution of bad people. It's kinda the same feeling as Man on Fire, only there's a lot more prayer. It begs the question: Does God have a special place in the Kingdom for those who act as His hand in the destruction of evil? I know our battle is not with flesh and blood but with principalities. I also know that revenge is the LORD's and His alone. But, what about all the Old Testament wars and even in the New Testament when Ananias and Sapphira were killed because of their evil deeds? There is no black and white when it comes to faith. We are all individuals and God deals with us individually. He chose the things to be written in the bible that would reveal His character to us, but it doesn't always help to reveal our own unique selves. The journey here is to become who we are meant to be under the covering of Christ's blood. amen.

The rest of my post was accidentally deleted. I hate that feeling so I must say adieu and farewell. Please pray that I get that upholstery job and I will pray for all of you my friends and family that God may give you peace and grace in His Son.