God is NOT boring

I don't have much to write these days. I draw big blanks. But for some reason I have been able to produce sonnets. Maybe it's the structure that I like. Anyway...

"To many, total abstinence is easier than perfect moderation." -St. Augustine

That St. Augustine quote answers for me the mystery of why church culture is so BORING to me. Mediocrity is safe because you abstain from all of those thing which may be slightly dangerous. It's easier just to abstain like he said. Jesus said for us to chop off limbs if they cause us to sin. He is pretty passionate about us abstaining from any kind of sin. There is nothing mediocre about amputating yourself or plucking out an eye.

I know I get bored easily because I am use to flirting with disaster. But staying on the straight and narrow doesn't have to be boring. God is NOT boring! Why do we compromise and abstain from diving deeper into Him as His children? We sit in the waiting room and read magazine article about His abundant life instead of actively seeking it.

LORD, help me not to get bored. You are everything that is exciting and beautiful. Nothing is as wonderful or magnificent as You. Please help Your children see You more like that. Joy Joy JOY to the earth-dwelling citizens of Heaven!