We have two hummingbird feeders on our porch. Emily put them up this week during our Spring Break. I am excited about going back to work on Tuesday with the kids again. I miss them. It's stormy today. Humid and dark with thunder and intermittent rain. April showers bring May flowers and June bugs and July heat to the deep south. But it was the coldest April in 110 years.

We went to the Strawberry Festival last night. Emily hung out with Erica and I hung out with Nicole. They are both 8 years old, I think. What fun! We went on a free fall ride and a spinny throw-up ride and watched The Sanchez Twins perform live. They are a pop-girl group.

It's a laid-back life here in Loooooziana. I want to start writing more. I should be publishing something soon on Sylas.net I hope.